A simple introduction

As a full time working mother, I always felt that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done, and living in a society based on consumerism and one that lacks any concept of self sufficiency, you firmly and wholeheartedly believe that.  You are constantly bombarded with adds that tell you that you are way too busy to make anything or to prepare anything and that’s why you need our products.  How could you take the time to prepare anything when you have a family and you are working full time?  You don’t need to make a salad, here is a salad in a bag.  You don’t need to make peanut butter, here is some in a jar.  How easy is it to go the grocery store and just pickup everything in a jar or a bag?  But at what cost!

When I finally woke up and realized that the cost of convenience is a bit too high for me and my family, I embarked on this journey to educate myself on why it is vital to start eliminating processing from a majority of what we consume in our daily lives.  I found that in the long run, it is economical and gives you a better quality of life.  As I started talking with my family and started sharing with them what I know and what I have learned, my husband suggested that I write a book, and my sister-in-law suggested that I do something online to share my findings so that others may benefit.

A book is a great idea, but I still have so much more research to do and so many more recipes and tricks still to prefect. So I have decided to start this blog as a way to share my findings and thoughts with my family and friends and as a way to collect all my research and thoughts in one place in the hope that one day it can be compiled into a book.  I hope that you find this information helpful and beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Trust me! You are not too busy to live unprocessed.